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Making the Cut: Demonstration Videos

This is one of the first demonstration style videos I did. It's about how to pin butterflies and moths.

This is one of the first demonstration style videos I did. It’s about how to pin butterflies and moths.

Some of my Twitter¬†friends have asked me to give some tips about making videos. Since “Demonstration” style videos were the most requested (basically, one person requested), here we go!

So far, I’ve only done a few demonstration style videos, which include how to collect insects in different habitats and how to process those insects.
Despite my limited repertoire, I’ve learned some things along the way and would like to share =).

For those of you who don’t know, you can visit my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/scibugs.

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“Won’t Grading be Boring?”

When I was first musing about becoming an educator, people would often ask me “Won’t it be boring grading the same thing over and over?”

I didn’t have a good answer. But now I do.
“Sure, if you’re uncreative enough to design boring assignments – then it will be boring to grade.”

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You Always Have To Start Somewhere

My fiance teaches math. He started a mini reflection series by keeping a small pocket journal and after every class he teaches, he writes down a few sentences about how it went. Things that he thought went well, things that he thought didn’t, musings about how to make it better.

I usually have a lot of thoughts in my head after I teach, but I never had anywhere to put them down. So I started this blog!