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Evaluating Student Evaluations

Student Evals

Student evaluations have always been something that I’ve found valuable. As a student I was blissfully unaware about the underwhelming power my voice had on a sheet of paper at the end of the semester and as an instructor I hang on almost every word of the student evaluations.
However, I’m not going to talk about the absurdity of the system where no one, except teachers who care, read the evaluations. Instead, I’d like to refute some of the main points laid out in this article.

I’ve only gotten into teaching in the past three years, so what I have is based on personal experience. That being said, I’ve had a very different personal experience than this gal.

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Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

For my Teaching With Technology class we were required to post a review of a teaching website. I decided to do my review here, instead of in the university’s platform because I had more control with the layout. Plus, I haven’t written anything here in a while, so might as well post it.

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
Click here to see the website!

Overall I like the bloggy feel but have some issues with the layout but I’m impressed by the open access content!

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I F*cking Love Science: Witty Facebooker or Art Theif?

I was inspired by a tweet about the facebook page “I Fucking Love Science”.

So which is it?
Well, I’m guessing it’s complicated.

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