Play the Song of My People – On a Tree Trunk

A lot of plant stuff lately.  I guess this is just what happens when you think everything is cool.

What happens when you slice a tree trunk and put it on a record player?
This! “Years” by  Bartholomäus Traubeck.
Edit: You can check out the whole album here consisting of 7 different trees.

So how does this actually work?
It’s not a standard record player. Instead, the tree trunks are sliced thinly and put on a turn table. Instead of a needle, a camera (the PlayStation Eye) reads the tree rings and sends the data to a computer which translates the data into musical tones.
It might sound a bit like cheating, but since the computer is reading each individual cross section – they all sound different!

Jamie Condliffe. 2012,   January 1.  How a Tree Trunk Sounds on a Record Player [Web Log Post]. Gizmodo.
Retrieved March 4, 2014.


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